User Name grayed out on C$ shares



I have my desktop and notebook hooked up to a hub, and I'm trying to access my notebook's drive using the \\NOTEBOOK\C$ method.

I get prompted for my User and password, but they user part is blanked out and displays \\NOTEBOOK\USER NAME instead of allowing me to define which user name I want to use. I also input the password for that user name and it won't accept it even though I've checked the password is correct n times. I'm running NTFS.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Anything with a $ after the name is an administrative share. They are NOT publicly accessable from remote comptuers, and used by the local OS. You must enable file sharing if using simple, or if using advanced click the "Create New Share" button user the sharing tab, then click the "Permissions" button to set up user access.



Actually hidden shares ($) are accessible remotely, that is one of their purpose. First you will need an account on the remote computer with administrator rights, you will need to uncheck Simple File Sharing from Tools Menu/Folder Option/View Tab, drop to a dos prompt and type the following:

net use "Drive letter (i.e. z: )" \\"computername or IP address"\c$
By default it seems that it wants to use the guest account but it will give you an option to enter a different username and password (it needs to be an administrator of the remote computer).

You could also Map a Network Drive from Windows Explorer, select the drive letter you wish to use, enter the share name, in this case it would be \\"computername or IP address"\c$, click on Connect using a different username and enter the username and password you wish to use (it needs to be an administrator of the remote computer).

You could also disable hidden shares by adding the following in to the registry:





I've attached the reg file as well. You must also uncheck Simple File Sharing from Tools Menu/Folder Option/View Tab, right click on your c:\ drive, goto Sharing and select do not share this folder, there also additional hidden shares on your system for every HD you have and for the windows or winnt directory, that could also be removed (the $ share), hope this helps.

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