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When I try to open the User Account folder under the Control Panel, my system freezes and I cannot edit my account info and preferences. I recall that I received an error when I was installing Windows XP Pro saying that a file was not found and I'm thinking this has something to do with that error. Has anyone ever had this problem? If so, what did you do? Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I just reinstall or is there something I could do. Please help. Thanks.
I know one of my friend installed XP from an (uhumm) cd and got loads of error sayiong that it couldnt find file ... he skipped them all and was able to install windows quite happly, unfortunetly it left a whole range of things unable to function, for example go into system and it is completly blank!!!!! good laugh though! He got another cd and re-installed XP had no probs ... if its a genuine copy then i would complain to Micro$oft and try a reinstall, if not then try running the sfc and see what happens
Thanks. I tried the system file checker but it did not catch any missing files. Is there any other way I can extract files from the CD or any other way to fix this problem, other than reinstalling. Please help.
you need to find out what those files were that didn't copy.

If you need to reinstall to find the names, just install to a different windows directory (call it winxp or something instead), this way you will not mess up your current installation - just delete this directory later.

If you're reinstalling, wait till you get a copy error, write down the file names and paths then skip over them.
(If you already know the names and paths, then just boot the installation cd and wait for the option to use the system recovery console and skip the next bit....)

Once the copy process completes, the system will restart. As its doing so, you need to boot from the cd again, don't let it boot from the hard disk else you're screwed.

When the installer starts up again, you get an option to use system recovery console. this is a dos-like interface which allows you to copy files off the cd, decompress them automatically and put them where you need them. So if you wrote down the files and where they need to be, you can simply copy them back using recovery console -
ie: copy rktools.ch_ c:\windows\system32\rktools.chm

do this for as many files as you skipped and you will be sweet.
Let me know if that's not so clear, I could try and explain some more but the issue seems to crop up periodically, depending on the cd drive i use.

I've installed and removed xp pro heaps of times on my machine (cos its fun) and sometimes it goes fine, sometimes it misses a couple of files. it appears to work fine on my older cdrom drive but when it messes up, it does it when i use my cd writer....
go figure?!

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