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User Account Problems


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When I setup a new user account I run into a ton of problems. The most agravating is that when logged in to a user account, if I try to close a internet window (clicking the "X") the browser crashes, everytime. When I use the guest account it will only access the intRAnet and cannot access the intERnet. It does not matter if the user account has admin rights or limited. But I don't have this problem with my admin account.

Can anyone help with this problem?


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What is the error when IE crashes? If nothing informative in the GUI perhaps check in the Event Viewer. Sounds like there is a rogue .DLL or some other application that hangs on and won't let go.


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HJ log please. I agree with chief, something thats hooked into IE such as a BHO is causing it to hang and crash most likely.

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