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I heard of this tweak and im not sure where it goes or anything like that, but does anyone know about this?

edit: what it does it uses all of your RAM first, and then will go to the page file.


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i think that you are thinking of the IOPageLockLimit. This is something else. this is added to the boot.ini file (i think)


You are talking about adding ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 to the 386enh section in system.ini?

That will do nothing in XP. System.ini is still around only for compatibility reasons with old 16bit applications.


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yeah thats what i was thinking of. i am trying to figure out some ways of tweaking my moms system so that it runs a little bit faster.
What's the system? (OS, HW, background app's.) That's' where you can get some performance. The following minimal changes give real boosts.

Using 95-98 - Win 2000 or XP will give you a 20-25% improvement.

Ram at 128Meg - bring it up to 198 (128 + 64 or 3 - 64's).

HD 5400 rpm or less - find a used 20 gig 7200 rpm. Big help when booting, loading app's and going to pagefile.

Running a K6 - find the fastest proc that will work on the system. 450-550 is 50% faster than a 333. Bigger hit but worth it do a MB replacement to a duron/athlon (used). Fry's sells fic k7s5a PRO and an XP2000 for $69 every couple of weeks. There is also the possibility of overclocking the CPU (watch the temps).

Last but maybe the biggest help. Make sure the ram isn't crammed with junk. Find one of the startup utilities with a free trial. The windows start up doesn't show all of what is loaded. Also, look for bad boy programs with memory leaks they tie up and don't release ram. Another free trial tool.

Those "software" tweaks usually do next to nothing to speed up a system. I've tried dozens. When they say "significant improvement" it usually benchs out to a few percent if it doesn't slow the system down.


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XP Home
2.0 GHz P4

the problem is that there are a lot of lags when accessing certain progs that shouldnt cause so many problems such as Word, IE, and OE.


I think the key you're looking for is DisablePagingExecutive=1. That's the equivalent in XP, I think.

Perris Calderon

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paging executive is counterproductive even for those with plenty of ram

DisablePagingExecutive only disables paging of a small portion of OS code. It's practically a no-op with modern RAM sizes.

LargeSystemCache=1 is a terrible idea on almost every workload. It allows the file cache to use 80% of RAM except in case of extreme memory pressure. Set to 0 the cache competes on an equal basis with process working sets. That's almost always the right thing.

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