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I have a Sony laptop that has no Floppy disc drive and no serial connections. I have bought a usb to serial converter which is made by a company called Lindy. Whenever I start the laptop in the device manager the computer tells me that there is one communications port on (Com 1) and a usb to serial on (com 2) This is fine except I don't have a communications port and the second problem is the program which I am trying to use does not recognise anything on com 2 even though I have the usb to serial connected on it.

I have been on Lindy's website which is and downloaded the new drivers and also I have been on Sony's website and they don't have any information the would help. If anybody could help it would be much appreciated

Thanx in advance



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Dec 6, 2001
hmmm not sure about your problem..but the serial port IS a communications it is detecting it correctly since it is saying the USB to Serial is on Com2...cause it is...not sure why the supplied program is not working though


USB to serial converters create a virtual port. Some programs aren't compatible with these virtual ports.

An example is the TI-Graph Link programs to connect my Texas Instruments graphing calculator. No matter what I do, it will not detect the calculator through the USB to Serial converter. When I plug it into the serial connector directly, no problem.

On the other hand, my Palm sync cradle connects just fine through the usb converter.

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