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USB Network Adapter Desired


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It does look large. But, if you look at this one it's just too dang flimsy.

That little thing that sticks up is what I broke earlier today, rendering it useless. I wouldn't really be carrying it around, so the size isn't an issue. Basically the reason why I want one is because I don't want to have to update my BartPE CD each time I get a new computer in. By this I mean when I get a desktop/laptop from a client, I was previously adding the drivers to the build and then re-compiling, which gets to be a bit tedious.

If I get an external adapter, I can just add those drivers and be done with it :)


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Yup to clients.

No, adapter jacks into computers directly, don't want to stress out the KVM cabling as it already has the mouse/keyboard signal through a single USB channel.

I may get this one instead, as I do like black hardware, and Belkin:


Also, I have a Staples Gift Card, which is nice, as well as a Rewards Card :)

Admiral Michael

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Looks better then the DLINK too :p

Shouldn't the KVM be able to handle the USB ports? Its not like there's any processing involved inside the KVM. Unless the manual says otherwise. Isn't that the point of the USB as well, to share devices?


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The KVM switch only has 2 USB inputs, and those are both in use (keyboard/mouse), so it doesn't really apply anyways.

Not too sure how BartPE would react to network over usb/kvm/usb either :p

Admiral Michael

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As far as I know it should'nt kno the KVM there, it should think its a direct connection.

If you had a wireless keyboard/mouse you could combine those 2 USB into 1 for both Keyboard/Mouse. :)


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No wifi desktop for me, heard bad things about how they interact with KVM.

EDIT: By that I mean mostly lag. The way I have now, both USB wired, the transition is fecking instant and I love it. If I were wifi, I would probably have a few seconds of lag, which is unacceptable :cool:

Admiral Michael

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I've had a wifi keyboard on a KVM before (PS/2). It's a fiarly new wifi combo too and the only problem I had was the "extra buttons", the software didn't always want to see them.

Also you don't need the software for the keyboard to work, it just acts like a standard keyboard and even XP has a few defaults for the "extra buttons."

Admiral Michael

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Well also remember that I have an older KVM so it may have some issues. Im sure with the USB you woundn't have any problems. The extra buttons wont work on the client's computer, just your own unless you want to install and configure the app on the clients computer as well.

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