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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by PoLy, Dec 22, 2001.

  1. PoLy

    PoLy Guest

    Ever since i installed XP pro, if i leave my mouse dorment for about 15 - 30 secs it sought of sticks on the desktop/window/in game etc, basically in anything i'm running.

    I got a A4 tech 4D mouse (i can give details if required) and i've tried everything to fix including new drivers, unticking pointer precission etc...does any1 else have this problem??

    i havn't tried any other mouse's usb/ps2 so i dunno wtf the problem is.

    any help is appreciated

    /PoLyCaRb0n/ ;)
  2. existenz

    existenz Guest

    I am pretty sure that you need a new mouse. When my mouse was broken, that was what happened...
  3. PoLy

    PoLy Guest

    mine is pretty new but i am aiming at buying another one when i got the cash, suppose i'l have to put up with this for now ;[

  4. noah472

    noah472 Guest

    Its a door-mant mouse.... lol :D
  5. dArK_CyAnIdE

    dArK_CyAnIdE Guest

    i heard that WinXP had lots of problems with the USB...
    even now my freakin mouse is scrweing up... i have to plug it in and out to reactivate it... lol im still gonna buy a new mouse but its the usb ports that are the problems!