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USB Flash Drive Tools:

Does anyone have any USB Flash drive tools that they'd like to share?

I know there's the U3 technology out, but does anyone know of any free USB Flash Drive tools that are extremely useful that act in the same way?

For instance:
USB TrueCrypt: To make a secure volume on a USB flash drive.

I'm looking for things like an Autorun feature which may launch a menu. So that if I have say a 1-2GB USB Flash drive loaded with software which might be useful to repair a PC, I can just pop the USB flash drive in, launch the software and scan or install the software to the machine.

Maybe have 2 sections to the menu. An installation section, and a program section. Anyway. I'm also wondering what people have found for flash drives.

Oh, and I have another idea for a software I'd like to find. I've been looking and found something VERY close to what I would like. USB sync software that syncs with a website for software updates and whatnot. Autorun menu that pops up and asks if you'd like to sync up.
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MY WD passport Hard drive had an autorun program for syncing. It would run everytime you plug it in. There was an inf file labeled autorun.inf on the root that had the following:

Im sure the same could be used for a USB stick.
Well, the autorun file is good. I can make one of those even from a CD. I'd just need some sort of sync program that can pull from a web url and some sort of menu system to start the sync program, as well as to launch when the USB drive is plugged in.


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the only two useful tools that I know of for USB drives is portable Firefox and the HP tool for formatting the drive like a bootable floppy

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