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USB confusimication

Right here is my prob,

I have a Creative WebCam PD1001, it is plugged into the USB port.
It daws 500mA from the port, there are no other USB devices connected.

After about 2-3 hours the power LED on the front of the webcam turns off and then when using any software to use the webcam (usually WebCam Monitor from Creative) the CPU usage jumps from nominal 1-4% usage to 100%. The PC pretty much locks up, the mouse can move around, but opening things like notepad takes a while.
I have set the USB ports to not be turned off to save power.

Does anybody else have a problem like this possibly with a different piece of hardware.

Also if anyone knows how to fix this I would be much abliged.
If it helps I have an Abit kt7-RAID using a VIA Apollo (think) KT133 chipset.

I have also tried to get answers out of the Creative WebCam forum with little luck.


What type of PSU have you got?.. 340watt would be a good baseline to work from.

Sounds like a power issue, the motherboard cannot supply enough power to all your devices.
I thought the Mobo USB ports could only supply 500 mA, my PSU is only 300W, if it is too low how would I know.

I have
2 ATA 100 HDD
1 DVD Drive
1 CD RW Drive
2 128 DIMMS
1 AGP GeForce
1 SB Audigy
1 10/100 network card
1 floppy drive
1 Athlon T-Bird
2 internal USB Hubs, one built onto mobo, the other attached to USB 2 thing on the mobo

I think that I might try removing the second USB hub from inside the PC, maybe just disconnect it from the mobo and see what happens.

Could a low Output cause something like this. I am planning on upgrading to a Enermax 350W Whisper PSU, do you think this would be enough?

Current PSU is a AOpen FSP300 - 60GT it was included in the Case.
OK I have removed the secondary set of USB ports and it now turns off faster than when they were connected. The Creative people asked about a USB IRQ in the BIOS, it is set to assign an IRQ, should I try disableing this?

In the manual the text goes like this:

PNP OS Installed: No
Reset Configuration Data: Disabled
Resources Controlled by: Auto(ESCD)
two grey lines as previous is auto

PCI/VGA Palette Snoop: Disabled
Assign IRQ for VGA: Enabled
Assign IRQ for USB: Enabled


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Do you have any other usb devices and do they lose power after a certain period of time? I have a logitech quickcam and have never had any problem with it, or any of my other usb devices, but then I have only used usb devices with ASUS motherboards.

I have seen other posts on forums talking about devices shutting down after various periods of time but have never seen any definitely solutions to the problems. It almost sounds like the device is going into its own standby mode and having problems waking back up.

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