USB Coffee Warmer


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As if the USB Toothbrush isn't enough, now there's a USB coffee warmer...for all you coffee addicts.

From The Inquirer
FRESH FROM the success of USB in the toothbrush field, we now discover a coffee cup warmer that uses the JasonChipziller techology and plugs straight into your PC.
Which you can read all about, here, at the Dreams Come True Co website.
USB Coffee Warmer

The site is slow right now or I would have posted a pic


long live xp0!
these usb tools are going to lead to the end of civilization, as soon as a microwave is developed, im trashing my pc


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hahahahaha jewlezz where do u find these things. more im portantly how many usb slots do u have:p . i bet if u change the _hot to any other product or adjitive like cold or anything ull get a product for usb hahah:happy: :cool:


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Well, here is the pic of the damn thing. :D There is even a graph on temperature and time it takes to heat up. Or to keep it warm... or something. :p And it comes in four (4) kewl colors (colours).



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ive seen usb lights and fan b4 so this really isn't a surprise, I just told one of the ladues I work with about it and she said she needs one so I guess some one will buy it


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Why not just get a regular one, AND PLUG IT INTO THE WALL! :p
When you're on a business trip, laptop in bag, long train journey, what could be better than a coffee warmer that you just hook up to your ol' faithful lappy :D :p

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isn't USB about 5V ?
meaning it will take about 2 hours to make a cup of coffee...
and thats if you actually buy that thing... nuff said.

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