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USB 2.0 Problem


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I currently have Windows Xp pro sp2 but for some reason my usb operates at usb 1.1 speeds. My motherboard is Asrock 939S56-M and has usb 2.0 ports but i have no clue as to why it won't work.


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Are you using a USB hub or any device inbetween your motherboad connections and the device in question?

Also, how do you know its only working in 1.1 ?


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There are no hubs or devices between the motherboard. The usb device is connected to the motherboard directly. I am only assuming the usb is operating at 1.1 speeds as a 180mb file takes just over 3 minutes to transfer onto my 1GB usb 2.0 capable usb drive. Also when i put in a usb 2.0 device i get a pop-up stating "This USB device can perform faster if you connect it to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port."


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Thats very odd, I would say its a driver problem but the USB 2.0 drivers are built into windows so that cant be it.

Have you snooped around in BIOS to see if USB 2.0 is disabled?


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In Universal serial bus controllers there are 4 ports that are usb root hub and 3 that are SiS 7001 PCI to USB open host controller.

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None of them have "Enhanced" somewhere in the name?

This USB FAQ has pics of what you should see. Without the enhanced controller you will not get 2.0 speeds.

Go into device manager and then at the top select View > Show hidden devices. See if anything has yellow ! marks next to it.


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Ah lol there was a yellow exclamation beside universal serial bus controller. I had to reinstall the driver and voila we have usb 2.0 :) Thanks for the help.

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