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USB 2.0 Hdisk Not Seen


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I just bought a pocket size external Hdisk and it says it is a USB 2.0 only. I think I have only USB 1.1 on my PC. Is there a way that I can use this Hdisk like an adaptor? Thanks.


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By the way, the external Hdisk has not been formatted yet. After connecting it to my pc is says that it would not run at full speed since I only have a 1.1 USB ports but in explorer you can't see it. I think it should display since my usb has detecte it at lower speed so that I can format it. How can I do this? Thanks.


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USB 2.0 devices SHOULD work on USB 1.1 just at the slower rates. Case in point: I use a WD Passport 120GB USB 2.0 device that goes every where with me. A Gateway 600MHz Celeron PC was able to install it and access it.

Did it install the drivers when you first hooked it up?

Can you see the drive in Disk Management (Start, Run, diskmgmt.msc)?
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That's what I thought too but it recognized it with all the drivers of Samsung and finally it said that Found Hardware- will function properly but I can't see it under explorer. I ran diskmgmt.msc but only the internal hardisk is only displayed. What else can I do? :(

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