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USA - FS: Mobo/CPU/Ram Combo


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I am currently selling A brand new Intel 850EMV2 MotherBoard With A P4 1.7ghz Processor and 512 MB od RDRAM. I have no need for it anymore, so i am giving it away for 200.00 usdollars. Any questions please PM and i will be happy to answer them. Shipping is extra unless domestic US. I use UPS or Fedex. NO DHL! they lose packages.! thanx for looking


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ok holiday special i'm tired of looking at this thing, so i am giving it all away for 50.00 usd. free domestic shipping.!!!!


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this is the rate quote for dhl from the US to england:
Rate Quote
Total Charge for your shipment $ 116.64

Shipment Details
Origin 08755, United States Of America
Destination NR2, United Kingdom
Weight 10 lbs
Shipment Date Dec 1, 2004
Service Type Worldwide Priority Express (Dutiable)

Charge Details
Shipment Charge $ 98.55
Fuel Surcharge $ 10.84
Pickup Fee $ 3.00

Special Services Selected
Shipment Value Protection Fee $ 2.50
Residential Delivery Fee $ 1.75
Total $ 116.64


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how far away are you from texas?

can you post a pic of the board and specs if you have any cant seem to pull a working link for it up. thanks.


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here are the general specs: the only difference is this board does not have onboard ethernet.

Features Benefits
533/400MHz system bus Supports 533MHz and 400MHz system bus for single processor configurations
Hyper-Threading Technology Support Delivers increased system responsiveness and performance.
Intel® Hub Architecture Increased I/O bus bandwidth allows better concurrency for media-rich applications and multitasking
Dual RDRAM capability Provides up to 4.0 GB/s memory bandwidth, balancing performance for the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor based platform
AGP4X interface 2X increase in graphics bandwidth allows highest graphics performance
LAN connect interface Multiple networking options taking advantage of Intel® SingleDriver™ technology
Alert on LAN 2.0 Emits an alert in case of software failures or system intrusion, even when the O/S is not present or the system is suspended
Dual USB controllers Two controllers for four ports double the bandwidth at 24 Mbps
Ultra ATA/100 Takes advantage of the latest industry innovations in hard disk drive features and performance. Intel® Application Accelerator provides additional performance over standard ATA drivers.
AC'97 Controller Better audio quality, with up to six channels for full surround-sound capability including a simultaneous modem connection
Communications Network Riser Card Allows flexibility for multiple configurations on a single card to extend USB, LAN, and audio
Low-power sleep mode Energy savings


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