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I am currently in the U.S.A. and have just purchased from, Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade for my PC back at home with Windows ME (came pre-installed when I bought the computer). I was just wondering if this version will work on my PC back home in England? I bought it over here as it is cheaper. But I just hope it will work!

If you know anything, please tell :)
I don't know. But I'd go with XP Professional if I were you.
Why do you say that? Is there a big difference between Pro and Home?
XP pro gives you a lot more tools for troubleshooting, networking, etc. I've seen the "I wish I'd have went Pro" blues posted before and thought i'd throw my 2 cents in the pot.
The pro version has all of the home version stuff plus alot of extra stuff!

I don't know all of the extra stuff but I have heard most people have said the pro version is much better! ;)
Thanks :)
Well, I think I might go change my order at Amazon to Windows XP Pro before it gets shipped out!
But I still hope that an American version will work on my PC in England... :confused:
It should work.
Maybe the only diff would have to do with drivers and such? And you'd have to change the international settings (currency,time, dates) on install but that should be it.
Just a guess.
I have a Copy of US XP Pro, and it works fine. The only two things that you must keep in mind:

1) change the default input locale, and default language selection on installation

2) your CD key will ONLY work with US XP copies, if you lose your CD, but not your code you will not be able to use a UK XP CD with your CD key.

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