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URGENT: System Wont Post


i need your guys help really badly.

I am upgrading my computer right now and for some reason the system wont post. I dont get the single beep or any sound at all from the case speaker.

The computer turns on just fine. but usually when I hold down the on button for more then 4 seconds, the computer will go off, not this time.

I took out the VGA card and re-installed it. still it wont post.

I dont know what else to try. Any advise would be greatly appreciated

I am currently running

Asus A8V deluxe-E
Geforce 2

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What does the post voice reporter do or say?

You have to plug speakers or headphones into the onboard speaker jack to hear the voice reporter.

Also, make sure the four pin power connector is plugged in.


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re seat your cpu check for bent pins. Then try if nothing again then find the cmos jumper in your manuel and reset the Cmos barring any acuall harwarew problems this should work.


sorry guys for the late response but I tried reseting the CMOS like you had mentioned and it still didnt post

after doing a little more digging, i finally found a fix to the problem. It seems that ASUS boards without an updated BIOS has been having problems identifying Winchester processors. So I had to EZFlash the bios with the latest one and it is now posting... im going to be installing my OS tonight

Here is the site with a detailed how to that has saved me.

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