Urgent ! Power Supply Problem?

Hello! I'm building a computer for my cousin, and based on the funds that he had these are the components that I got for him:
case: ASIAPRO ASYS Black ATX Mid Tower Case with Creeping Light Tube & 450W Power Supply, Model
"8654BW" -RETAIL
mobo: PC Chips "M848ALU" SiS746 Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A CPU -RETAIL
cpu: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ "Barton", 333MHz FSB, 512K Cache Processor - OEM
ram: Rosewill 184-Pin 256MB DDR PC-3200, Model RW400/256 - Retail
HD: Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive, Model 6E040L0, OEM Drive only
cdrw: SONY Beige 52x32x52 IDE Internal CD-RW Drive, Model CRX230ED, OEM
vid card: CELESTICA ATI RADEON 9200SE Video Card, 64MB DDR, TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "GOLD EDITION

The problem: we got the case first, we ordered everything Wednesday and we got the case Friday. So we wanted to test out the case and basically just see it light up. But when we plugged in the fans and lights to the power supply and plugged the power supply into the wall, we would turn it on and nothing would happen. So i plugged in the lights to another power supply that I had and it would light up all fine and dandy. My dad thought that it might have been because there was something on the motherboard that made the power supply work so today we got the rest of his parts and I hooked up the motherboard, cpu, ram, and video card and when I tried turning it on, once again.. nothing happens :( so, would I be correct in assuming that the power supply is bad or am I missing somethign? We have all of the cords for the lights and the USB plugged in and there's power to everything that needs it. Thanks in advance. ::tim


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just to clarify.. when you push the power button on the case... nothing is happening?

no fans spinning, no hard drive on, no anything?


Make sure via motherboard hand book, all relevant and correct postioning of plugs female-> male are correct and short relevant female plugs. make sure you have greased the processor (some people don't, it boots once before usually then don't again before bios). Most common mistake is not to grease thermally processor.
I did it once myself.

Wondering if it is the right power supply for motherboard and tower?

Is fan on right way? Is motherboard mounted correctly? Some questions one must ask oneself before turning on power.

Might be a stupid question is the fuse right amp for plug? Is the Cable from unit to wall socket faulty? Are you pluging into an extension cable?

Reading your thread 5 times, try the power supply in the other computer and make sure the (mine is orange) switch on back is correct volatge and another thing you might consider is on my power supply unit there is also another switch that turns off the power supply check that is on also, when attempting to negotiate your 'lights, bells and whistles working'!


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Before you do anything else check the power supply by itself.
-Disconnect all the power supply connectors.
-Plug the power supply into a known good outlet.
-Make sure any power switches on the power supply are turned on and that if the power supply has a voltage jumper the jumper is set for the correct position (usually 115Vac).
-Now take a metal paper clip and unbend it. On the power supply MB connector (the one with all the pins) Push the ends into the pin with the green wire and the other end into a pin with a black wire.

The power supply fan should spin up. If it spins up the power supply is most likely good.

If the power supply came up you start trouble shooting the MB physical assembly into the case (if you were carelss postioning it you may have shorted MB traces to the case mounting screws, the MB itself, and the case to MB connections(power switch).


ok, before: when we would push the power button, nothing would happen. no fans spinning, no lights blinking etc.

BUT when we tried shorting the green wire to a black wire (and we plugged in the hard drive) the hard drive started spinning *thank god the power supply isn't dead*

so.. what now?
also, we had to go to a local business called the mouse house to pick up a fan and when we got it they told us not to grease the processor. so that is one thing that we did not do, the fan is a slim volcano 8 and the power supply came already installed in the case and its an ASYS model no. LC-B450E. the fan is on the right way, the motherboard was mounted good but we also took that out and have it on a nicely insulated object. and there is no fuse amp (according to my dad.. he knows a $h!t load more about hardware and building, i'm more the software guy, but i can do both.)


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off topic:

Hey Anarchy where do u live? We have a place called Mouse House here in Muskegon but i didnt think they were a chaina of stores since they suck ass unless u do live here in Muskegon then i guess they dont have a chain of stores or just someone else has the same named store.
pc chips mobo is probably dead, used a lot of them and they have a habit of not starting with certain chips etc. piss poor boards imho, but good for a cheep rig. so many of em couldnt actually run at there highest bus speed, slap a duron in and the buggers always started :rolleyes:

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