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Urgent! Nvidia Drivers Mess up Image

Hi all

I Was on my pc before and the Picutre became Distorted, Anyway pc restarted so used Safemode to uninstall the 61.77 Drivers, and runnin with no Driver 4 the Card my pc is fine, but wen i put them bk in they mess up, Ive tried usin Detonator Destroyer and R.I.P but they dont even detect the drivers. Wats goin on?

Heres an image i took n saved b4 pc restarted, im not usin any drivers at the mo but ive just had the same problem, buts it not Restartin, wen pc came bk on b4 i sent error report n it sed Caused by a driver?

Pls Help


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I get that with some games - but its due to a program in the background using 100% cpu every now and again.

Try the 66.81 drivers - i have them on atm and dont seem to have any prbs
i was usin the 66.81 wen the problem 1st happend, ive tried the 61.77 n it still happens, pc restarts after installin them, image is distorted, then pc restarts by its self n says of a driver area, now im usin no drivers n the problem happend once but sorted its self out. im downloading the Omega Drivers at the mo, but how do i totally remove the old Nvidia ones?


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do a xp repair then remove all traces of the nvidia drivers(try uninstalling them),use a reg cleaner to clean the reg keys in (use crap cleaner)and put a newer driver version
i'm usin 61.21 n no problems
Hardware Checks:
-If it's overclocked restore it to normal speeds.
-If you have fast writes set in bios disable it.
-The vid card (or monitor) could be dieing.
-Make sure the monitor supports the refresh and resolution you have selected. Try going to a lower refresh rate.

-I use nasty file remover. Reboot then use it again. Windows likes to put back stuff you take out.
-Everyone I know is running ATI these days so I can't recommend a stable nvidia driver newer than 51.09...
Hi All, Thanx 4 all the Suggestions, Wat i did was Use Registry Mechanic and it Fixed 209 Errors (Ran it with no Drivers 4 the card installed) restarted Pc, Went into Safe Mode installed 61.77 Drivers, Restarted again and everything is fine now. i didnt look at all the errors in Depth as there was too many so i guess musta been one of the things it fixed, Thanx
This is a little off topic but concerning the same thing... Nvidia Drivers Messing Up!

Recently, after a random reboot my video drivers started becoming UNINSTALLED. I am not really sure what is causing this as I haven't been doing anything new before this started happening.

Another thing also to note is that on startup of windows after a reboot it doesn't detect new hardware, it seems my drivers are just being rolled back to less than original drivers because I remember that I get better performance from windows detected hardware drivers than the ones that are used when this happens as everything is lagging when I move a window for example.
Use driver cleaner from driverheaven.net to fix 90% of all problems with nvidia drivers.

Uninstall all video drivers. reboot, cancel any attempts by windows to installdrivers, run driver cleaner cleaning all nvidia references, reboot, reinstall very latest nvidia drivers, voila be happy :D

Same for ATI too.
Useful Tool to have ill get it, however my problem wont be a driver issue as it is corrupting images at bios loaded up n bootscreen which is before Drivers r being used for the Card.

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