urgent help required


9 Nov 2002
i just built my new computer, with my Gigabyte GA-7N400-L and my amd athlon xp 2800 processor.

everythnigs working fine, but the processor is running at 2.5ghz and i dont believe it should be running this fast. i believe i have set the wrong settings on the motherboard jumpers, but i cant find any reference online as to what the correct ones are.

my cpu keeps overheating and the pc crashes. if someone could help me out, that would be great. i wont have much time before it overheats again, so please be quick!

it should run at 2075hz. check you bios for the fsb speed and multipier. fsb set to 166 and multiplier to 12,5 (166x12,5=2075), so put the multiplier to 12 or 13
what about the switches on the motherboard? i had chenged them to what i had thought right, but apparently they are not.
i entered the bios and it appears i can only alter the fsb from there, leading me to believe the switches on the motherboard control the multiplier. anyone know the settings i need to use?
Set the Multiplier Clk_Ratio dipswitches
(to the top right of your CPU in a bank of 6) to 12.5
This will require the following combination

Ratio 1 2 3 4 5 6
.........x x 0 0 0 0


Alternatively set the lot to "x" or "off" and the multiplier will be set to auto.
i.e. it'll be dictated to by the CPU default.

Hope this helps. ;)

Do you not have the manual for the board?
That's where I got this info.
You can download it here if needs be.


The Clk_switch dipswitch sets your FSB. The default setting is off.
This will lock the FSB to 100/200Mhz
It can range through 400/333/266Mhz also though.
working now, 2.08ghz.

for once, im happier my pc is going slower. im guessing this was the source of the problem, ill be back if it keeps happening.
Aside from the scare you now know for sure you have an unlocked multiplier XP and it will overclock like a bat out of hell if the clock speed was 2500 and it was running at all.

Damn you! I'm jealous. :(

Where'd you get the processor from?
my 2500+ won't even do 2.16ghz at stock voltage. :mad:
it was overheating and freezing up though. i guess if i had a better cpu fan and some sort of cooling system, i could run well over 2.5ghz. the motherboard is apparently very good for overclocking.
hybrid said:
the motherboard is apparently very good for overclocking.
if you're only changing the multiplier, one board will overclock just as good as the next as it doesn't stress the board anymore than stock. it's when you start raising the fsb above the boards max (200/400 for nforce2 ultra 400) that you will find better overclockers and not-so-good ones.
well i was told it was good for overclocking, they may have meant it had a high fsb capacity.

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