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What is Uptime Project?
The Uptime Project is a Fun Project, which collects Uptime information (running time of the computers without restart) of the participating computers as well as and these statistically evaluates the users for comparisons and systems analyses makes available.

(its in german, but there is a giant translation link under the menu)

for you lazy bum's
(presuming that you speak-a-the-english)

Go sign up and join the fun!

If you want to start a "NTFS" team...by all means. I'm too lazy.


Secret Goat Fetish
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oyu open the client, then put in username + password, then click update uptime. after than you choose for often 2 update.

Tabula Rasa

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Originally posted by SPeedY_B
Doesn't this 0rd.net have an XML backend so we can grab info and make our own images from it?
Don't think so.
If you're up to it, you can email the admin and ask him or something like that :confused:
I would love to know that too. Although, I don't know if they speak English and I don't speak German. Translators just aren't dependable enough.

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