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UPS Help!!!


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Hi Everyone,

Recently i recieved a "NetUPS" UPS with Model No/Type: PRM700i off a mate that got a new one, for what reason i dont know because there is definitely nothing wrong with this one :> anyways my point being is the only thing i got was the unit and its serial cable no software whatsoever.

I was wondering if there is any "generic" software out there that can monitor UPS's and instruct a pc to shutdown or if anyone can find the software for this i very much appreciate it :) because i can't seem to find any but im probably looking in the wrong spot :eek:

Anyways any help recieved is very much appreciated :)


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another try

Just came across this link which whilst it may not directly help may lead onto helpful information (and probably explains why your friend was disposing of a working one!)


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thanks was a lil bit interestin :) theres nothing wrong with it not bad for free hehe lasts 30 - 35 mins on a near to full load charges fine does everythin fine :) he is just a spend freak hehehehhe ;)

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Well give it a go, you need the agent installed basically, I just ran setup and did not see NetUPS on that list at all.
Try each tho.

How is it connected? Serial?? USB?

Electronic Punk

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You tried terminalling into it?
Windows2000 / XP do have native UPS support which might well work, and all the config changes made on teh ups itself?
i havent tried terminalling into it yet but will give it a shot but at the end of the day if im not around wen a power failure occurs i would like to have the comp shut down afta a certain amount of time :p
helloo well i cannot telnet to it or get ne info from it as to usin a generic thing with windows ill have to wait till 2mora :) so then ill let yous all know then wat happens thanks very much for the help so far :)
ive tried the custom and my own custom settings and what it comes with in the options of diff types etc, get it to realise that the comps on ac power but then it don't display anything else n just turns off the computer :eek:

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