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Upgrading some things...need advice.



Okay, I have decided to upgrade a few things and would like some advice if anyone has.

I am going to get a new motherboard, cpu, and case.

What I am looking for is an XP 2200. Now I can't figure out what would be a really good motherboard for it(with a price range of 100-200...closer to 100 is better) Does anyone know a good one?

Also for the case...I want it to be Aluminum, this case any good?http://www.novapcs.com/cgi-bin/deta...190410932453441282161006&itemid=410&catid=138

If not whats a good one?

Also what kind of power supply would I need? 400watt? And which brand is good?




I am not an expert but I like to build my own pc's too. Lian Li is very well known and very well built. It's a good choice. Now the Power supply get the best you can I would suggest Enermax double fan. best performance and it cools your pc. the mobo I can suggest MSI or SOYO or ASUS. get the ones with the most features at least 5 PCI slots, USB's 2.0 and DDR RAM memory. FIrewire support is good to have.

Good luck.


If you want a cheap mobo, Gigabyte's 7VRXP is feature loaded and around 120? on newegg.com. My board is the same (lacking in all the addon crap) and it's been rock solid. The performance is amazing. By the way, don't skimp on the ram. Go Corsair, Crucial or Kingston...
I would get an Antec Case, with a 420 Watt power supply. As for motherboard, I had Gigabyte's Ga- 7VRX, it was a great board, but now I have GA-7VRXP and both are really good in my opinion. As for ram, go with Corsair if you can, if not, try Crucial RAM, I had both and preformance is very nice. CPU, 2200+ is nice, but getting something faster, like 2600 would be cool too, if you can get it.


How much are the xp 2400 or 2600 goign to be? I guess I might as well wait for them, but don't want to wait too long :)

As for vid card I have a geforce4 4200, wont need to upgrade for at least a year or so I hope :)
Catch, you're right, but, when those come out, in the next few months after that, something else will come out thats better then that, but, thats actually something I haven't thought about. Maybe Jack should wait a while. On pricewatch I found pre order XP 2400 for $230 ( not sure if this is the cheapest price, this is the first thing that caught my eye ) and XP 2600 I did not fine there, but I'd bet its at least a 50 dollar increase in price. :) I think for games, you're better off with a Geforce 4 4200 128MB edition.

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