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Upgrading Question



hi, i was thinking about upgrading from my asus motherboard with 1.0ghz of Rambus Ram to a new asus motherboard with 1.0ghz of DDR 333mhz memory would i see a big difference in performance/speed or is this not a good idea?



I'd assume he already has a Pentium 4... (HAH)

Faster at certain things???

what the hell are u on about?? RDRAM IS faster than DDR. It's just a matter about Performance vs Cost that makes DDR more popular.

RDRAM runs at 800hz - 1066hz... whereas DDR runs at 200 - 400hz (depending on wut u got)


Right now i am running a p4 2.4mhz with 1.0gb of Rambus PC800. and i am using a ASUS P4T533-C motherboard. i have the lastest updated bios version 1007. i really have no idea what else to do. i changed my virtual memory to "0" this is located when you right click my computer, click properties i am currently have this freezing problem with my pc.. the longer it is on, say a day or 2 it will freeze. i don't have any idea what it could be. i have tried everything to fix this. from uplugged things one by one until it stopped but no luck, i tried removing 512mb of the ram and no luck. i figured if i would replace the board and memory the problem would go away. i have a 431watt power supply, 4 fans inside the cause, i have tried disconnecting the 4 fans, formatted this drive about 30 times and i did a clean install of the os windows xp pro with sp1, updated all the intel chipset drivers for the 850E, go all the latest updates and i have no idea what would be cause this pc to lock up the locker it is on. i figured if i just started to replace the products maybe the problem would go away. even tried email intel explainning my problem and all they said was just get the newest chipset drivers and application accelerators and it should be ok, tried that an still no luck. so i was hoping that someone here could give me some ideas. i also noticed that while it was on for that day and a half that the memory usage was up to some rediculous number like using 712mb of ram out of 1024. and i didn't have anything open really. so any ideas please? thanks

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