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3 Dec 2002
Updating my "nerdbox," see signature for details.. (much needed).

This may sound dated, but now that Operating Systems are catering to the 64bit crowd, is it really the next step for processors?

I understand the memory limitations with 32bit proc, but even with Microsoft, Adobe, and ... who else(?) dealing 64bit "consumer" software, where do we see the benefits?

I use quotes around consumer because most people don't use Adobe for business, if at all. I see its main uses being a few hours tinkering with filters to make text look like ice or fire, and maybe a few red eye reductions.
I do see it as the logical next step in processor evolution, along with the multicore. That said...

Question 1: Is a C2D or C2Q a 64bit processor, or do I need to stick to AMD64bit multi-core?

I will be sticking to Windows XP (64 if need-be) Pro, and dual booting to a Linux flavor, probably not Vista unless it gets better.
I will be using this for Compiling C++ and maybe a few other languages, watching movies, Radio/Mp3, picture viewing, WM5 syncing, and not much else. I don't game, but might start if this computer can handle it.
Question 2: Planning on 4 gigs of ram. It seems to be the minimum now'days. Do I need more?

Question 3: I'm planning on an ATI (Open Linux drivers, plus I'm just an AMD fan). Would I be wrong to assume I do NOT need cross-fire?

Pre-made vs. Build. I've built before, and only bought pre-made for my laptop. I am interested in not being dependent on Dell or HP for firmware updates, bios flashes, and general drivers. But I do like the idea of a warranty. I know its cheaper to buy pre-made, but if I have to swap everything out to go ATI, put in better hard-drives, and more Ram (... because Dell over-kills the price).
Question 4: Build up or buy made?
1. Yes. Intel C2D and C2Q are 64-bit.
2. Yes. 4GB should be plenty.
3. No comment.
4. Build. It's more fun and everything is what you want it to be.
If you are going to use Linux I highly suggest using nVidia. Yes AMD/ATi claims they are going to OS their drivers but still haven't and have made similar claims in the past without doing so. In my experience with Linux, about 8 years now, I've had nothing but trouble with ATi cards and my nVidia's work flawlessly.
1 Ditto Matt

2 Ditto Matt, one caveate. Use 2 - 2 gig sticks on a 4 slot MB so you can grow if you start doing lots of video or audio.

3 My respect for ATI is gone. Driver problems, lies, bad treatment, higher power, etc. Unless you are going over the edge into gaming crossfire or SLI are a waste.

4 Ditto Matt
great. thanks for everyones help. cant wait to get a quad core, 4 gigs, and dual wide screens going soon.

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