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upgrading my card (continued..poll time)


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Originally posted by kyndl7
My cards performance comparison


Ti4200 16,109

Fx5200 non ultra 8,956

Hope this helps:D
the speeds... are they @ max possible OC'd everything one time benchmark only performance results or is that your regular day to day usage clocks ?


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Originally posted by prodj88
sorry but i think this is necessary!
the 5200 with 256mb ram is a marketing gimmick... don't waste your money on it...

If those are your choices I vote "just wait" until you find an unplayable game you've just gotta have.

By then prices should have come down some and if you put 2 bucks a week into the "gotta get a vid card kitty" you'll be able to get something better.

PS Have I mentioned how many Nvidia based cards that I know have been fried from overclocking in the last day or 2? :(


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Originally posted by kyndl7
those are at max stable oc for both cards
average of 10 3dmark runs per card
yes... but do you run the cards @ those clocks all day ? or are those numbers just for a one time jab @ getting a high score ?

thats what I meant by my question...

if they are not a score reflecting running day in day out... there is no real point in posting it.. max score based on max stable oc's does not reflect true performance... it is more a badge of honor... seeing stock scores is more representative as it allows us to see what exactly the person will be likely to get...

if you follow my drift :)

btw.. nice score... what cpu are you using ?


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Processor intel P4 2.53 ghz OC'd to 3687mhz

3DMarks2001se (average of 10 consecutive runs cpu at 3687mhz)

FX5200 (crapy overclocker)

stock = 7,236

overclock = 8,956

TI4200 (very nice overclocker)

stock = 11,237

overclock = 16,109

Now these test numbers you see here are what run reliably for my pc 24/7. In other tests my cpu and Ti4200 can clock a fair bit higher but at those speeds are for testing and braging only.
The FX5200 just sucks!!!!!

Also as I stated earlier in this topic I fried my TI4200 due to a fan failure not OC stress and i'm now stuck with the crapy FX5200...........at least until i get my FX5900 :D

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Its true the Ti4200 is a wicked over clocker The msi version I have runs a constant 297/597 stable and I dont worry about heat I got a g4 mode coooler with a full copper plate and 4 copper memory heatsinks , even has a cool blue light << thats gotta give me 2 degrees less huh ? J/k about the light making it cooler but it is cooler looking :p

All joking aside the Ti4200 128mb 8X AGP kicks the FX5200 and FX5600 all over non pro that is .... other than that I would say in same price range or close would have to be ATI 9500 pro also a very good card but dont know about its over clocking status or about the bugs it might have ... I am sure if someone wanted to know you just need to go to a ATI based forum and read about the problems people might have , same as you would for any card made by any company :)


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Originally posted by Un4gIvEn1
I think the is a post exactly like this, just about every other day....
perhaps due to their being questions about the same sort of thing every day :)

different people have different needs... they have a right to ask the questions... we have a right to answer them in the most constructive manner possible...

that is the role of a community :)


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And by the way syn the mobo I have is also the Soyo P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platinum. Its whats holding mr back from higher clocks, I can almost get stable at this speed with very loud air cooling. New mobo should get me into stable 4 ghz's!!!!!:cool:


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is a link to the vapochill unit I gotz. They are quit pricey so I settle for the stand alone system, the one I really wanted was the Prometeia phaze change cooler.

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