Upgrading hardware, but should I wait?



(Yes, I'm obsessed, but hey, this is alot of money we're talking about)
I'm buying this hardware tomorrow:
Athlon XP 1900+
Thermaltake Volcano 7
512 megs Samsung PC2700 DDR
Enermax 350W Power Supply
(2) Vantec 80mm Stealth Fans

all for the price of $499 (The mobo is a combo deal)

Thoroughbred is coming out soon, will that drive down prices significantly of other processors? Should I wait on Thoroughbred instead?
Also, is this a good deal for all this stuff?
Yes I'm full of questions, but I am spending my hard earned money...


I would say it's an ok deal, not AWESOME but it's fair cost.
As far as waiting till the price drops, I would'nt wait, every time I buy something I find it less the next day, but on that note, if I had waited I'd still be waiting today instead of typing this.
Buy the thing, dang. your never going to be completely satisfied in your mind, the price will probably drop, so what? the prices are always dropping, if you did your research and your happy with what your going to buy, buy it. Don't wait, don't second guess, I wish I would have bought a better video card, but at the time what I bought was a pretty could deal, What your getting now is a pretty could deal. Jump. I'm not harping on you, prices usually always drop, what you buy today, is going to be cheaper next week, but that's a week without a machine, and a week without a machine is forever.

I'm done preaching do what you feel is right, enjoy your new machine :D :D

and let the force be with you ;)


hardware monkey
i'm waiting. made this computer october '99 with an 800mhz athlon and just bought this 1.4ghz proc last week and have a ti 4200 coming in the mail as i type. want to have this thing last me another 2 years. hopefully by then, new non-serial technology for harddrives and faster cpu fsb's will be out. along with 'geforce 6' :eek: