Upgrading from XP to 7 possible?


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Hi, I have been researching in the limited time I have on Windows 7 and it looks pretty good. Both of my home computers are in need of being upgrade or replaced. My brothers are trying to get me to switch to Mac :lick: but I don't know if I want to make that transition. Can I install windows 7 on my current computers to try it out and then when I buy new computer I can stick with 7 there? I have mostly only found information on going from Vista to 7. What kind of hardware and memory do I need to support 7?



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if your pc has xp on it and has not been updated then it is quite possible that windows 7 will not work on it. I have heard conflicting reports that it does and it doesn't. If you look out the kernel and layout, it is the same as Vista; so it will next to impossible to get it to run properly on an xp machine.
NO u can't upgrade from windows xp to windows 7, It requires that u do a fresh installation, after removing windows xp. which is recommended.

don't install win 7 ultimate or professional with less memory than 1 gb. they don't work.
yeah they do - I have win 7 ultimate running on a machine with 1gb ram :)

No more FUD please.
yes even ultimate and professional version works at rams around 512 and 256, but uses ur harddrive memory as cache. Which reduces performance and stability, and reduces ur hdd life. whats the use running it when each task u perform takes 2 min to even start.

I have run win 7 on 512 mb, 1 gb, 2 gb and 4 gb ram s, and all the version of it. But here he asked if he can upgrade or not, which is absolute no, Mircrosoft specifies, NO upgrading from xp to win 7 directly. The way is xp >> vista upgrade >>windows 7 upgrade. which is long procedure and not recommended.

xp to windows 7 is not possible directly. Its has to fresh installation.
which is recommended.


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