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Upgrading board, proc, and memory...potentially stupid question



Hey all,

I wasn't entirely sure what forum this fell under, so I figured hardware was the best bet. :)

At any rate, I am upgrading my mobo, processor, and memory. My new board is going to have onboard 6 channel sound, and NIC (see sig below), so I will be taking those cards out. So, other than removing those from XP, nothing else will be changing. Now can I, as a TEMPORARY measure, hook everything back up without having to reinstall windows/format/all that fun stuff? The reason I ask is that with the mobo and processor, I get a full version of XP Pro and I don't wanna go to the trouble of wiping and activating it till I get my new 120GB hard drive for Christmas.



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basically ,just hook everything up and power on. it's really a gamble if xp will start up with the new board. it depends on your current chipset, the new board's chipset, and some other junk.

to start out, remove your nic and sound card drivers, shut down, and physically remove them and start back up. make sure windows is okay. then shut back down and start ripping everything out. once you get everything back in, if windows fails to load, try safe mode.


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all u have to do is put your new board in then run the repair feature in the xp install it will reinstall system dlls and such without screwin with anyof your settings/personal files

cuz mostlikely you will get a blue screen when u try to boot with your new board, i have got thoguth it many times with clients comps.


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if your upgrading to a board made by the same company and a chipset made by the same company as the other board then it should start up. But if your going from say Abit to Soyo your gonna have to do a repair or a format. you might try that activation trick some one posted about. where u save your activation file to a floppy then reinstall windows and put it back where u got it and u don't have to reactivate your copy of xp. run a search for it in the forums, I'm sure it will pop up.


i went from an ASUS P4B board + PCI LAN card + PCI sound card to a VIA P4PB400 board w/ onboard LAN and sound, and didn't initially have to change anything except to install the drivers for the board, LAN, and sound. the system started acting buggy after a few weeks, which turned into months (due to laziness), and i ended up reformatting and reinstalling WinXP last night. system is running @ peak performance now with no remnants of previous drivers from the other mobo and PCI boards. you'll prolly be good for a lil bit, but you'll eventually wanna start from scratch since you're replacing so many components.


Hello all...

I went from a ASUS P4T with a P4 1.7 (423) to a Intel D850MV2L with a P4 2.4 (478). I had to use safe mode to get things running again and as jawshoouh stated I also eventualy had to reformat and clean install. I would give it a shot and see what happens, if nothing else with will be a good experience for you.....

Good luck.........:D
I've done this a couple of times switching from board to board and card to card, sometimes it works sometimes it won't.Bear in mind the HD too plays a part (something funny).Switching the HD board to board too sometimes need either safe mode start or a complete repair/re install.Just try, but don't forget to do any back ups.Good luck.


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k I think the question you had was removing cards and reinstalling them in the same machine? or was it to a different machine..

per se you should be fine... though performance might be impacted slightly... anytime you have any major hardware changes the best thing is to format and reinstall windows... but it should work if you are removing and installing the pci cards back onto the same machine...

if you move the cards and a HD onto a new machine I would recommend reinstalling win xp though it might work :) I have yet to try that out :)

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