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Upgrading an ATI 1300XT to ATI 1950 AGP


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I'm thinking of doing a last grahpics card upgrade before I buy a new PC from a AGP ATI 1300XT to a ATI 1950XT or similar model, however, before I go ahead I thought I would check out other factors with the rest of you folks to see if its worth doing.

Firstly, does anyone know if the jump from 1300 to 1950 is worth it, or will it just be slightly faster if its in the same series?

Secondly, does anyone know how much the power difference consumption is between a 1300 and a 1950? As my rig is about 3 years old now, and I know the powersupply is definitely enough for the 1300 but was wondering if the extra juice would tip the power usage over the edge.

Lastly, is it worth upgrading at all, considering I'm going to get/build a whole new rig when Vista SP1 comes out if the card I am upgrading to is in the same class range?

Just thought I would throw the question into the open, as at the moment I'm angling on waiting until I get a new rig, BUT if a standard power supply can cope with a 1950 and it gives a good enough increase I might upgrade.


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Wow, its been a while to check the forums... I'm surprised no one has answered your question.

Personal opinion, if your going to go for Vista SP1, then I'd wait before upgrading your entire rig.

If you desperately need the video upgrade, I assume it would be gaming related you wanna see improvements, then maybe a tradeoff might be better to spend less. But, I wouldn't if your going to upgrade for Vista SP1.


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What psu do you have?

Also, I would wait if possible.

I owned the gecube card for a while and it's not bad but there are some flaws that will probably lead to you doing better with a regular pci-e card :)
A 1950 XT is going to draw 50-80 watts more. A 450-500W PSU would be recommended with dual +12V rails and 18A minimum.

A 1950 XT AGP is going to be way over priced for the value. It will be a significant step up if you do FPS type games. If you do games that use a lot of CPU for the AI then the CPU may still be under powered and cut into the improvement with just a card upgrade.

Wait. I do not recommend anyone waste money on AGP hardware at this point.

If you must upgrade to make gaming bearable then consider a 1650XT for $100. It is a significant boost over the 1300 and half the price of a 1950 XT.

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