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yes... u should stick to windows me, since it works so good for u...

btw, did the "dell costs 3 times more" salesperson recommend that cpu?

ok im done :p


Woah.. I'm still here?
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*shrug* maybe he just has an old machine/parts laying around... seeing how in another post he mentioned he was running a P4


Woah.. I'm still here?
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from your other thread where you said it was a P4:
sorry, its a p3 processor
Make up your mind.. if you do not stop, you will be banned. Please consider yourself warned.

If you want to know if your computer will run XP, I would suggest starting with the minimum requirements on Microsoft's site.

In the mean time, please don't ask for free things while at the same time talk about buying or building a new higher-end computer. Those are mutually exclusive things - if you have money to buy/build a new higher end computer, then use that money to buy a machine to do both, or buy two new ones that will do the job.

Again, consider yourself warned.
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