Upgrade plans ?


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27 Mar 2002
I'm a curious person and i want to find out what plans have others for the next upgrade ( specify the component please ) .

Me : i'll need soon a Geforce and a case . :)
If my daughter would stop messing up my computer life would be great (well ok add a man and it would be GREAT :D )

I'm happy with my computer the way it is. :)
Originally posted by Jewelzz
If my daughter would stop messing up my computer life would be great (well ok add a man and it would be GREAT :D )


X there's an offer ;) :D
Hehe. :D

I think I will add a second harddrive soon. I will also be doing some more "case mods" to my box. I will have pics of mods before long.

mine is ok at the moment did put extra hard drive in a few weeks ago

And ALSO if i do another upgrade it will be to a mac!!!
Oops, I forgot, I do need to replace my 2nd HD that died a few months ago. :(
my system is great for the moment. when i do upgrade, it must have the following specs:

amd clawhammer processor (another athlon xp)
mobo supporting agp 8x and 333 ddr ram
new nvidia video card (which is rumored to no longer carry the geforce name)

and more whenever i think about it...
I just ordered a new case and motherboard last week.
I finally will me able to use the Duron 900 that's been sitting in my closet since Feb. The mobo I ordered is a Shuttle AK12A, along with This case.

With memory prices going back up, and plenty of SDRAM laying around, I decided to hold off on a DDR board for the time being.

Following this, I'm planning on a new hard drive (either 60- or 80-gig) and a new video card (probally a Radeon 8500).
I just bought a new car..so comp upgrades are scarce..but i am breaking down and today i am buying a volcano 7...i need to install something in my comp..!!!!!!!..now i have 2 babies to "upgrade" my comp and car

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