Upgrade my audigy

I have a SB Audigy soundcard (1, not a 2). Great bit of kit but I wish to add the box bit that goes into the front of my pc with all the connectors. Is it possible to buy just that bit rather than buy a complete new card? God, dont you just love people who know all the correct technical jargon.


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yes... if you look on you audigy (I have an audigy gamer... audgiy 1, not 2) there on the board should be connectors for the front panel (extigy) component...

it should be as simple as plugging it in and going from there... IF you can get the extigy component by itself...

you will see the pins labelled on your sound card above the audigy chip...


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The Extigy is actually a seperate external USB soundcard.

The box you are looking for should came with the Audigy Platinum eX cards. I believe for the very early audigy's that the drive was identical to the Live' seris "Live Drive"


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yah yer right... extigy is an external audio device... :)

drop extigy from my last post and replace with front panel... :cool:
Thanks for the help but its not the extigy card I want. The bit I am looking for fits into a 5.5" drive bay and has various audio connectors on it. I wonder if any of you know where I can get one of these?


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i have searched and i cant find anything about buyin it without getting a new card. I will keep lookin or maybe someone else here can find it.

Can u even get it for the first audigys? I looked on creatives site and they dont have it for the first ones unless they aint showin all of the audigys.


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yeah thats a good idea...then u can resell the sound card that u bought with the bay on ebay and of course keep the front bay for your current card :)

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