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Upgrade modem for XP


Arte et Marte
Installed XP on daughters system which had been operating '98 with no problems using modem.

(Matsonic K7 (MS8308E) mobo & 950 K7 Duron processor - private build)

Fitted modem would not operate with XP, so installed Hayes V.92 56K PCI (XP compliant) after installing software - will not recognise so exchanged for new Hayes modem - still no joy. WILL recognise & work with external modem with no problems at all, but no joy with Hayes internal. Refitted old hard drive with Win 98 and it recognised modem staright away, but re connected up drive with XP and AGAIN no recognition.

Is this mobo/BIOS incompatible with XP?, I though connecting up the external modem which worked would eliminate that theory. Is it possible for a BIOS upgrade? as daughter does not want the clutter (?) of an external modem - or is there a particular setting on BIOS that needs to be made (there is a setting for onboard modem - enabled/disabled/auto - but makes no difference)

Hoping for a solution (are not we all??) - tibboh :huh:
What was the first modem (brand)? Sounds like you may have a resource/irg conflict. Some pci modems create virtual ports and use irq,s in the 10-15 range which some video cards also use. Let us know the kind of internal modem first use. Also some external modems can have the speakers shut off or at least turned down so they are not so annoying. An external modem by far is the best way to go cause they are hardware setups and not use the cpu in order to operate.


Arte et Marte
modem upgrade part 2

Thanks for that iowaboy

solved problem last night - found it had installed modem under a DIFFERENT device name under system/hardware/other devices - it must have installed from the very beginning incorrectly and placed it in the wrong place, so every time i tried to re install it KNEW it was already there but under a different device name (controller i think). Only found it as i went through every file in "C" drive - what a bummer. Still, will not forget that in a hurry. You are right about external modems - if either mine or daughter 1 or daughter 2's internal modems go down i will replace with external.

Regards - tibboh :happy:


Arte et Marte
modem upgrade part 3

just one question

now that the damn thing is working ok - the dial up noise is VERY loud an annoying - is there any way to silence/quieten it. The speaker control under properties in modem options makes no difference to settings.

tibboh :eek:
Maybe I missed it but what modem do you have in the computer? Or, what brand of computer? there are different setting that can be added to quiet down the speaker.
if you are using a hayes pci then try +m0 to turn off the speaker on the modem. put this in extra settings under the modem profile.


In "device manager"right click on your modem,pick "properties"
and you should find a volume slider amongst the taps there.

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