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Updating to Firefox 3


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I have Firefox and have 51 Extensions installed. Tons of bookmarks, and special settings and tweaks and so forth. I used to be the one updating to the latest available beta of any program, but have not done this with Firefox in awhile as you can see I have it how I want it.

Though I have got the erge to update now.

I want to know, will any of my extension work (or all of them?), if I install the beta will it install over my current version, I read that it will install in a separate folder that you can delete later to remove it, but I was unsure of that.

And if it does install over, if I have to and want to remove it will it remove all my extensions and settings etc, again where I read that it keeps everything, I do not trust the source of it. I have not searched Mozilla's site, maybe I should of, thought I'd get your ideas on it.



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no.. quite a few extensions still don't work as of firefox 3 beta 4.. i have both versions running (btw - firefox 3 is WORLDS better on the memory usage front). Installing will have two versions on your machine, but it becomes a pain..

everytime I start firefox 3 after running 2, it rechecks all the extentions like it was the first time it ran on the computer.. and after running firefox 3, the next time I start firefox 2, it does it's "new install" type think and rechecks the extentions and displays the "welcome to firefox" home page. Happens only after I run one version and start the other.

The other oddities: both versions really don't run at the same time - basically, there can only be one firefox process running at any given time (there may be ways around it, but I never bothered to figure it out). Also, seems to keep two seperate copies of the bookmarks - after install, it imports existing firefox 2 bookmarks and then keeps track of them seperately.

Not sure what happens on the uninstall as I haven't uninstalled it - just upgrade from firefox 3 beta 3 to beta 4..

Generally, I've been pretty happy with Firefox 3 beta 4 and don't really use my 2.0 build anymore. I've lived without some of my favorite extensions for now and hope they update soon once the final release or a RC build comes out.


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Thanks for all that, sounds like to many problems for me at the moment.

And I was thinking about living without extension for a bit, but out of 51 I need and use everyday at least 25 of them. I really can't get rid of them right now. Sounds like I can get it installed without a problem, but won't be much fun.

Anyone else have opinons or such...


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None of my extensions work, which sucks and is the only reason I am still working with FF2.



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I tried adding the nightly developer tool that allows you to use you extensions that aren't necessarily compatible with FF 3 to work but it wasn't that useful and some just didn't work right, so I won't be posting it. Just my experience with it.


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Yup and 98% of them are used at all times.

I just did a test with Firefox in terms of MEM usage and

13 Hours Running = 600,000K Mem Usage and an average of 312,000K steady after 2 hours running. My firefox also tends to run at 80,000K at startup.

I can't wait to get Firefox 3 lol.


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I hate the memory usage of Firefox. I know a lot of people who deride Opera but Opera's close controls allow them to manage their application and ensure efficiency. A lot of the extensions as well as the acual application have memory leaks (re: FF2).

Even IE is not as bad and I use it exclusively at work with 10-20 tabs open and no memory issues.


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Heh, I use one extension with the newest FF beta(5) adblock :) come to think of it, thats all I have ever really used.


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I use FEBE to backup extensions, bookmarks, user settings, and it makes it into one easy installation file for your next install!

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