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Im getting an A7N8X - E Deluxe in a bit,
just wondering how you update the damn thing.
Is there any packages like the VIA 4in1 drivers?
Also, how do you go about updating the BIOS?

Many Thanks! :D
The drivers disk includes a program called Live Update. Just use that and it downloads updated drivers etc.
For the bios, do the same again. You can even flash it in Windows without the need of a floppy or anything :D


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GoNz0 said:
lol nah, the nforce pack is the equiv' of via 4 in 1's, and all new asus mobo's have live update :)
my MSI mobo can use "live update" as well and its via based chipsets :)


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It's been noted that the new Nvidia IDE drivers are crap. All kinds of problems. Better off keeping the older ones or using the windows drivers.
Meh, I'm using the new drivers the SW IDE drivers and there are great!! My new Asus didn't have "live update" that's with MSIs.... it's better to just use the official nVidia UDPs... as long as you keep those up you're in good shape.
I find the good people over at TechConnect keep me up-to-date on my nforce2 drivers. I'm using one of their "remix" packages which are running just fine, as well as testing out Microsoft's new audio codec.

Visit them here

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