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i've last updated my firmware on my linksys wrt54g router quite a while ago but have only just realised that i've updated the device with the wrong firmware.
i have a v1.0 router and unknowingly updated the firmware with one designed for the v2.0 router.

i'm just wondering what are the major differences between the two different versions of the device and what should i do about what has happened?

i've emailed linksys and they replied me with... "use only the correct firmware version with your device."

Very helpful indeed. :dead:


Blame me for the RAZR's
is everything working right? sppeds ok? and such if so leave it be. If something is working why fix it hehe. If not then get the orig firmware you need and re-flash it.

you go to love the use the correct email you got lol..


Blame me for the RAZR's
if nothing is going wrong i woudnt touch it. maybe wait tell a new firmware version for you router comes out then update it. I am very fond of if it isnt broke dont fix it. so. hehe


Just restore the backup your created. As said, if it works o.k. even in this case better to leave it be.

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