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Updated Desktop!!

Originally posted by razor_ro
OK i updated my desktop, finally got a hold of Desktop Calendar, hehe, so it looks pretty good now, what you people think??

Nice desktop!

It's not Rainlendar u r using right? What's the name of your desktop calendar program?
I like those reminder and tasks features :)
Desktop Calendar and link......

I am glad you guys like my desktop :D, ummm, the best i can do is give you guys the links for the wallapaper and Desktop Calendar because right now i am at work, .....the Terminater 3 wallpaper can be found at www.gamewallpapers.com and the calendar can be found at http://www.xemico.com/adc/, i hope this helps.... very cool proggy :D ..... lates

ps.... i also recommend this font.... its cool

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