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Update on new system...

A while back I asked for suggestions for a new system...and I wanted to let you guys know what I have put together so far...for the most part all the parts are either in or I already had...but here is what I will have when its all said and done:

Chieftec Matrix Case
Abit KD7-S Motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 2600+
Volcano 9 CPU Cooler
2 x Maxtor DiamondMax 80GB 7200 RPM Hard drives
512 MB Corsair PC2700 DDR RAM
XFX GeForce 5200 256 MB DDR RAM
SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
Lite-On 52x CD-R/RW
Lite-On 52x CD-Rom

All I have left to buy is the hard drives and the memory. I should have it all built by the middle or end of August I would say...I am having to buy the parts from payday to payday. The timing is going to work out pretty good too because Comcast High Speed Internet is supposed to roll out in my town around that time. Gonna be sweet to have the new PC and broadband at about the same time.
If you're going to have a SB Live 5.1, I must insist :cool: you get 5.1 speakers. On a budget, get the Altec Lansing 251's [site]. $55 here. If money isn't the issue and you have $350 to spare, definitely the Klipsch Promedia 5.1 (NOT the GMX--they are awful) [site] Get them for $333 here! Every game is incomplete without 5.1. ESPECIALLY first-person shooters. :)
Oh I have 5.1 speakers...I forgot to put that in the list....I have the Creative Inspire 5.1 5200 system...sounds really good too. The only possible problem I can see now is the power supply...I will not have any extra power connectors once I get all the stuff in my list installed...do they make power supplies with more than the standard connectors for 4 drives and 2 floppy drives?
Originally posted by HandyBuddy
Cheap power supplies will (that's will) shorten your system's life and cause stability problems.
I agree...Antec makes some really good ones.

And that's a really nice system, gballard. Lots of hard drive space :)
Going back to the power supply question...I really don't wanna pay $100 for an Antec power supply....I looked on ebay and saw these and was wondering what you guys thought of them?


That one has 8 drive connectors


That one has 6 drive connectors

I have alot of space in that Chieftec case...just didn't have enuff power connectors with the power supply I have in there.


hardware monkey
don't worry about how many molex connetors a power supply has. be more concerned with it's power rating and how much it can supply to each rail, etc. if you don't have enough molex connectors, you can buy splitters for about a buck each.


hardware monkey
sorry, those drive power connectors are called molex connectors. you would just need some molex Y-splitters. look around at a local computer/electronics store. it would be kind of a waste of shipping to order online.

i'm having trouble finding them on sale individually on the net, anyway. if someone can find a place and at least post a pic of what i'm talking about so he knows, that would be good.
well...would be hard for me to find them any other way...the computer stores here are a joke....you can go in and ask for a SCSI cable and they will look at you like you are an alien....they have no clue.
arghhhh...wouldn't ya know it....I finally got my new box up and going now and I just realized that Newegg.com shipped me the wrong freakin CPU! The invoice clearly states it was to be a 2600+ and when it POSTs and in Aida32 it shows it being a 1500+. I dunno if newegg will do anything about it since I bought it back in June but I am just now able to fire up the system....:(


r u sure it is 1500+?
the 2600+ should be running 166/333 (correct me if i'm wrong)
so check ur bios settings or mobo settings... ;)
ok...I rebooted and went into the BIOS...in the Softmenu III Setup it had the following information:

CPU Name is AMD Athlon(tm) XP
CPU Operating Speed 1500+(266)
x-CPU FSB Clock(mhz) 133
x-Ratio (FSB:AGP:pCI) 4:2:1
x-Multiplier Factor x10
x-Enhance for Benchmark Disabled

Power Supply Default
x-CPU Core Voltage 1.650V
x-DDR Voltage 2.55V

CPU Fast Command Decode At Normal

Even during the POST it says its an XP 1500+

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