UPDATE: New Avatar!



First of all I wanna say thank you for the warm welcome... It's good to be "on the team"... :)

Now, here's my first avatar. I don't know if it's what you had in mind (I somehow doubt it is, lol) but it reflects what xp-erience is to a lot of people, IMHO... customization. So without any further ado, here is the avatar, resized three times so waddy can pick the best and still be able to sleep at night. hehe

and finally, the smallest one. I think this one actually meets the standard requirements for avatars... Anyway, it's just a start - and I'm embarrased to add, the first work I've EVER done with gif's... :( I am not the graphics expert some people think I am... I can port Mac OS X icons with the best of em, but to hell with actually creating anything... lol

But, I think I can do it. Just give me some ideas, something to work with...

Anyway, what do you guys think?

nice 1 m8 :)

MdSalih - off to school... will comment l8er... so be warned :D
uh oh... :)

It was just an IDEA, more of a concept than anything at all - I swear! lol


Like it alot man...pretty nice indeed... Im not sure wether im gonna use it or not...

I got some new avatars--im gonna look at them later.. if i find them all boring..i might just use this 1..

ok here's another idea...

a glint/gleam of light goes around the top/left half of this ring (yes, it's the counterstrike icon I use on my desktop, lol) while the word "mod" scrolls through the middle, or something...

whatcha think?

Yeah sounds good.

It was my impression that this would be an additional icon that mods have, you could also have your "elvis" ;)
Not too bad mavis. I'd have to say I like it, but I would prefer a different scene or image to scroll into than an outline of a woman. I'm not trying to push my beliefs on anyone, but I don't think that's what "this site is about." Maybe make the avatar have something to do with moderating. You know, supreme power, flame wars, Gods (and Goddesses) :) or just all around supreme power over the Earth. Yeah, that'd do...

[e] I just saw you had "bling bling baby" as your title and was about to throw up all over my desk when I saw that darling shot of you & yer lady. If you two weren't so damned cute, I'd have lost my lunch. :p
Mwahahah, will be replaced soon.
Work in my brain has begun.
hmm... maybe a gavel, or a hammer... or a sickle! heh

thanks for the idea l.a - I just used the "outline of a woman" because it was handy (ie, "Print Screen") :) - anyway I'll work on it tonight maybe...


don't worry too much about it m8... they look pretty cool :)... better then my attepts at animated gifs :mad:

Animated gifs are fun to make and/or easy with Animation Shop.





These are the ones that I made recently.
guys the Avatar siz maximum is now 80 x 80


im trying to learn to make silver , like mavis old avatar, i need to for the new front page
awesome waddy! Thanks!

btw, what's the size limit in bytes?


ps oh yeah - [e]: not bad!! :)

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