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Update ate my exe [bf2]

wut now??
I just got and installed Battlefield2, I noticed there was an update to 1.0.2 so I downloaded that and installed it. I havent actually run the game at all yet, but the update has eaten the exe, if it was installed in the first place, gonna remove and reinstall and not update and see how it does, how annoying, just thought I would warn people.
Without the update, you cannot play online. And the BF2 Application Launcher is in mods/bf2/ I think. But still, you can't play online without the patch.

Try running BF2 first. I actauuly just reinstalled BF2 within these last few hours on my new machine, everything worked properly.
yar I reinstalled and played a bit of single for a while (water looks absolutely amazing in this game) and then I made a backup copy of the Battlefield 2 folder before running the patch, this time it didnt eat my exe though, so yay.

Now if I can just convince it to take my gamespyid details instead of creating a new account, as it didnt complete properly when I did create the gs account.


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you have to create a new gayspy id for BF2, they say if u use the same email and password as your original GS id then u can use the same email, most couldnt and had to use an alternate email...
well, choosing an email account wont be hard, the wonders of owning domain names, its more annoying than anything else

[edit] its the uniquenick part which has been screwing me about, but I seem to have managed to create a new account now.
now I just need to get on with earning points so that I can unlock the sweet weapons :p
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