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Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by 03bigMark03, May 10, 2003.

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    Hi there. A while back I installed Linux Mandrake 9. It was good. But I didn't like it. It was setup as my second OS with Grub as the boot loader.

    I then decided to reformat the whole drive and install Windows 2000 Server. All whent great but I have noticed that the Mandrake partition was left Untouched. The drive capacitiy is still reading at 27 Gig when it should be a 40 Gig drive.

    I tried to look for rouge partitions in the recovery console parition command. However as it's an Extended 3 format Win2k can't see it.

    I don't want to try FDISK as that is a really risky program to use and I don't think that would see out of dos drive either.

    Can someone please help me find this hidden data and formating it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    ext3 should be shown as unknown partition :/

    Partition Magic will work fine for this purpose.
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    Does the partition show up in diskmgmt.msc (Start > Run)? If so you can format it from there.
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    No don't appear in Windows. And I don't have partition Magic.
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    Then its either u fdisk it or you go get your hands on Partition Magic (legality pending hehehehe)