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ok is there any way to block your ip from being seen on websites...I have been around here long enough but just want to say that I'm not doing anything illegal so don't worry, it's for legitimate reasons...

edit...not sure if this matters but I am behind a router if I have to change things in my router as well
well if you are behind a router then your IP should be the one coming out of the router, your computer has an IP that's in the network and one from the router


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right...but is there anyway to make the router's ip a little less out there. like a typical setting in the router's config? Or what the setting would be called
i doubt it, usually it's what hackers do when they break into a system they erase their tracks, but i think it's a code they make and they code it to not leave anything... blah blah.. you might wanna wait till morning when they all wake up you'll get better answers :)
You could use an anonymous proxy server (Google it), which will hide your real IP. I wouldn't really recommend it though. Most of them tend to slow you down quite noticeably.


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NetRyder said:
You could use an anonymous proxy server (Google it), which will hide your real IP. I wouldn't really recommend it though. Most of them tend to slow you down quite noticeably.
Yeah I was going to say proxy as well. I'll also agree with NetRyder that they can slow you down alot on larger webpages. Some also don't want you downloading medium/large files.
There is a program called GhostSurf out there that is supposed to let you surf anonomously. I have never used it so I could not tell you much about it



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your ip is the number your service provider assigns to you, some ip numbers change everytime you connect to the internet and some ip address stay with you for the length of your contract. the ip number is used by the internet as a mailbox number or home address. when you go to google google sends the info you request to your ip address which is funneled to your computer. you cannot physically change the ip address your isp has given you. all functions of the internet require you to have an ip address so the data you send can be returned to your computer with your results.

you can use annoymizers that mask your ip by replacing the ip with theirs. (they simply do what you ask but now using their computers ip) the results are forwarded to your ip.

By using free web anonymizers (CGI proxy) you can anonymously surf the web. You don't need change any settings in your browser or setup any programs!

You can get the full list here

Anonymouse - a very good free anonymizer. By using this CGI proxy you can anonymously surf web pages, send anonymous e-mails and look at news.
URL (for proxy chaining):

Anonymization - free web anonymyzer. Supports anonymous web surfing, anonymous web seek (meta search by many search engines) and FTP surf - surf anonymously in any FTP server. By using this web proxy you can surf anonymously more than web pages.
URL (for proxy chaining):

Guardster - good anonymizer. Controls cookies, scripts, ADs, images and referrers.
URL (for proxy chaining):

ProxyWeb - good anonymizer, can delete Java, JavaScript, cookies and ActiveX. Also this web proxy uses HTTPS (secure) connection - so nobody can detect what you download from Internet.
URL (for proxy chaining):

WebWarper - This is a popular free web anonymizer. This CGI proxy can pack web pages "on the fly".
URL (for proxy chaining):

MegaProxy - Free anonymizer can work with HTTPS sites.
URL (for proxy chaining):

www.anonymizer.com - classical free web anonymizer. The most popular of all anonymizers. Free version of anonymizer.
URL (for chaining proxy):
http://www.anonymizer.com/services/surf_for_free.html or

Anonymizer.RU - russian anonymizer: this russian CGI proxy has many additional options only after registration.
URL (for proxy chaining):

The-cloak - This is a free CGI proxy. This anonymizer supports HTTP, FTP and HTTPS sessions. Can hide referrers. Requires payment..
URL (for chaining proxy):

Surfola - cool CGI proxy with many features.
URL (for chain proxy):

Proxify.com - Good fast anonymizer that can remove cookies, ADs, referrers and can use HTTPS connections.
URL (for proxy chaining):

http://www.urlencoded.com/ - The better cgi proxy server. It has many different features, inclusive enabling / disabling cookies, all scripts, AD banners, referrer information, browser and OS info and many more.
URL (for cgi proxy chaining):

http://www.snoopblocker.com/ - Good cgi proxy (anonymizer). It uses 128-bit SSL-encoding. Can enable/lock Java, JavaScript, Cookies, ActiveX.
URL (for creating anonymizers chain):


You can get the full list here


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FishBoy said:
if you are behind a router then your IP should be the one coming out of the router, your computer has an IP that's in the network and one from the router
Just to be clear, after reading this I could have assumed that the IP assigned to your computers in the network would be the address translated when connecting to the internet.

It translates like this, you can clearly see that although each computer has been assigned a unique IP they all translate back to the original ISP assigned one to connect to the internet.


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or you can use Charon

Description: Charon is a multipurpose proxy program. It searches google for publically posted proxy lists, and incorporates an environmental checker to verify the anonymity / functionality of these. Filtering support is added by means of user-customisable lists to eliminate proxies such as those run by educational / military / government authorities.



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thanks everyone but I've given up on it. I knew that going through the proxy would make everything horribly slow but it's just not that big of a deal. Thanks anyway


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hey leedogg,

Nice info

just downloaded the program and it created a huge list.

I opened firefox and selected connections and enabled the proxy.

i simply typed in the new ip address of the proxy and the port and saved the settings and closed internet explorer
opened firefox and checked my ip and it was indeed changed :)

no slowdown that i can see surfing

changed ip a coulpe of times and i'm very impressed...

remember that if you are thinking of using the proxy for anything that may be illegal that you can easily be traced by the proxy owner as the server should keep logs and your ip would be there. but if you want all the websites in the world to not know you this is the ticket!!!



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