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unsubscribed thread


Secret Goat Fetish
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i am very pissed off:( all me thread subscriptions have been deleted...any idea why? there was like 200 cus i never delte them. i logged on this mornin + there all gone!!!! i no i didn't click unsubscribe 2 all it is jus me or has sum 1 been playing?;)

Electronic Punk

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The move this time should be easier cos the database where all the data is isn't moving just the rest of the site... should speed things up, not sure about the unsubsciptions.. I haven't changed any files...or added / removed any hacks since I killed vbstats.


The only subscribed threads I have left go back as far as yesterday - Nov 19th (I have it set to display the last 100 days).

So if something happened it appears to have happened before the 19th - according to my subscribed threads!:confused:
Ok... erm.. this seems to be global problem.. many XP-erience members seem to have been effected by this.

Also... various members (including myself) have had their PM box wiped...

We are currently trying to work out whats gone wrong... top of or list is a mySQL outage or mis-drop - on our server side. Will investigate into this further, hopefully may be able to get our hands on a backup.

We understand this is a serious issue, and do duely apologise for it. We are dealing with it on a critical level.


Electronic Punk

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Well as long as we know where this info is stored when we do mt md-upgrade we shouldn't lose it... but I believe that there is something wrong with this setup of vbulletin... a few weeks ago, I deleted another theme I was experimenting with on these boards ... it deleted all of em ! :|||| - luckally md had a backup!

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