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Unrecognized Windows XP files


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File protection feature or something like that.
A dialog box came up and said that there are unrecognized xp files that can cause unstability problems. Insert your XP service pack 1 cd. I tried to insert the cd and it says wrong one. So I pressed cancel and it said do you want to keep these bad files. I had no choice but to say yes. When I put my Xp cd in it wanted me to install again? Does anyone have any infomation about that type of error?

My system seems to be working ok. Should I reinstall XP service pack one, or just wait and see what happens in the futrue?

Also, is there a xp diagnostic that I can run to see if my system files are ok. I recently added a partition withe partition magic and it moved and resized my three existing partitions to make the forth one, but that was yesterday.

thanks for any help in this matter.


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This is what i copied from the system event log? What does the uxtheme.dll file do? I did use the patch xp a long time ago to use themes without having to run stylexp program, although i did buy the program.

The protected system file uxtheme.dll was not restored to its original, valid version because the Windows File Protection restoration process was cancelled by user interaction, user name is Craig. The file version of the bad file is 6.0.2800.1106.


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Give this a shot:

From the Task Manager, start the command prompt (cmd). Pop in your XP disc and then enter this into the command prompt: (Replace X with your cd drive letter)
expand X:\i386\uxtheme.dl_ "%systemroot%\system32\uxtheme.dll"

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If you have loaded sp1 & the xp protections wants you to insert the xp sp1 disk then using the standard xp disk won't work. You will need to slipstream xp with sp1 by making a new xp disk. I've lost the link so try a forum search for 'slipstreaming'. There is a guide for Nero & Easy CD.

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