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hey people i need some help here i am making a poster for a lan party in 3 months and i am wanting to get some photos of the Sniper rifel, lightning gun, and the UT 2004 Sniper rifel. i am needing some high res pics, if anyone knows of some or can take some them selves that would be great, i am hunting google for every pic possabl. but it is not working. can someone help?


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you can probably google some caps for ut2k3... ut2k4 demo does not include the sniper rifle... I think there is a ut2k4 thread in the games section... I should have a couple of posts pics in there as well as others.. there were quite a few pics afaik...
size dont matter because if it is too big then i can edit it down and not louse quaity, but i just need one from each UT. the evolution of them, and yea. i also looked on google and didnt get any but i am pringint this on a 8x11


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Sazar said:
ut2k4 demo does not include the sniper rifle...
It does, just none of the maps have it on it.
Press TAB and then type "loaded" then press TAB again and type "allammo" and then go have some fun with the toys


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ah.. I forgot about assault :eek:

sry... assault has sniper rifle... I just never play that game mode...


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onslaught has a sniper rifle ?

thought only lightning gun was there that had a zoom...


no this server I think may have done hacking to the game... they also redid the nodes and their linking. I was shocked to see the sniper rifle too... its neat. hard to tell the range and when you fire you can see if you hit anything for a second or 2 because there is smoke.


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what pk is trying to say is he was hacking n stuff :eek:

j/k :D

some servers do have custom mods running where some weapons work et al... some servers I have played have rockets on onslaught...

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