Unreal 2 Alpha



Just a note to you Voodoo fellas, with the latest drivers from voodoofiles.com, you CAN play Unreal 2 Alpha under OpenGL. This shouldn't really be a problem, as ::A:: Unreal 2 isn't technically released, and ::B:: The beta, which supports Glide and dX, will be released fairly soon anyways.

But if you do have it, try it-

-x :snip:
Unreal 2

Why don't you post U2 somewhere so we can try :)
Look...this Release was an TECH DEMO and really didn´t show what Mission will be in this Game.It was just an Tech Demo to show the people at the E3 or at the ECTS how far the engine is.

Sure the Game Engine is one of the best and i can´t deny that i don´t have leech it but it really doesn´t show you more then some Impression of the Game ( the BEST i have ever seen ;) ).

Just releax and buy the Game when it will be out next year :D

Beside that...

OK i dont care about getting the Unreal 2 alpha, cause i already have it, but what u said made no sence, ur right this isn't a warez channle, but then again why r u talking about a warez releated prog??

sure ur helping ppl out by telling them the driver allows u to play it but still u can only play it if u have the warez alpha. u led him on wiht ur first post. i just think its funny how u talk about it being great but then ur like "NO U CANT HAVE IT"
LOL my first post :p

Can someone please close this thread...
Heh, I think I may, but first...
...perhaps I can change the direction...

He is right about the warez, we simply can't afford to get into trouble about warez distribution, there are plenty of forums dedicated to warez - I even feel bad for the companies when early betas such as Unreal2a are leaked to the public, because it gives the company making the product a bad name, because of a product that hasn't even entered its beta stages.

Alpha products are more than likely designed as prototypes to show off or demonstrate technologies, they will run properly on specific machines and they are heavily unoptimised for even that.
Technical errors are very likely to be experienced because of this.


never said it was a blast to play, was just pointing out that it is indeed possible, for those whom already had it.
If you could post some screenshots that would be cool!

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