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Mar 22, 2004
Hello everyone,

Now i am having this Blue screen when i boot into XP, it tells me Unmountable_boot_volume with the jumper settings on Master. I get this no matter i try to boot into XP, or try to install XP.

I have tried, chkdisk /r, chkdisk /p, fixboot, fixmbr. None of these worked for me.

But i have no problem booting into XP, if i put the jumper settings to Cable select.

Funny thing is, my bios does not recognised hda 80gb as primary but as primary slave.

Can anyone explain to me why am i having this problem?
I realli appreciate it, i am very frustrated.


Jan 12, 2002
Not in the way you describe it, but I have gotten it when changing mobos.

But if it works with cable select, why not use that? If you want the mobo to detect the drive as Master in CS, then use the other connector on the cable.

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