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UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME this ones a little differnet



Ive got an Asus p4b533-e MB, & an WD 80GB 8mb buffer drive. Ive had XP running for a few weeks with no problems. I then get this blue screen with that message and tried everything. I did a search and tried all the recovery console suggestions. Counldnt fix it so i formated. As im 5 hours into reinstalling everything I restart the computer and i get it again. It just appears for no reason! Im using the correct 80pin cable ect ect. Whats going on here? Its not like i have a crappy Drive (i was told the wd800jb drive was a very good one)
So now what? More important than fixing it, is WHY OR WHAT is causing this to happen. Its pointless to reinstall windows cause its just gonna happen again. If not today then sometime nextweek after i have everything set up. If anyone has any suggestion please let me know. Thanks!! I think im going to have a stroke!


Thanks but thats the 1st thing i did. I leanred about recov. console. But this is where it gets really aggravating. If i run Fixboot & chkdsk /r it will repair the disk and let me back in fine, but once i restart more than once the problem returns.. So What the heck is going on. Is this a software issue? Or is this a Hardware issue. I dont know.
Bluescreens, yummy. Could be anything. Keep an eye out for what the BSOD says caused the crash. That could be a lead (drivers and so on). Random BSOD:s could mean (but not surely) a bad stick of RAM.

If you don't know what to make of the BSOD:s, post them here.


ok im probably gonna get beaten for asking this but, whats the BSOD and more important where do i find it?


yea i tried that, and it fixes it for a short time, I havent updated windows yet because i wanted to make sure everything was working, but now im reading some post about a update file that fixes this from happening. If its really that easy i would think everyone would have said that. Also it seems like this only happens to NTFS format drives. Why not just go back to FAT32 if your not worried about security? If thats the case im gonna do that. This is my home pc and im not worried about anythign there


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Originally posted by Tmsnake1
whats the BSOD and more important where do i find it?
To answer that question BSOD means Blue Screen of Death and as to where you find you generally don't find but when you see one it well list an error message


lol, oh duhh. Yeah its always the same error. I guess im gonna try and load that file from windows website, if that doesnt do it then ill try going back to fat32 and see what happens then.


For the record i have converted back to fat32 and havent had a problem yet. Ive restarted about 30 times so far


Not that it helps any but I have the same problem , sometimes I can go a week and sometimes I can go for months , but eventually I always get the unmountable boot volume thing too. I run chkdsk /r and it fixes it but its a pain in the ass because it takes so long to do. Im running a p3 866 with an intel chipset , I have no clue what mobo I have.

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