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Unlocking Hyper-Threading

I've got a Northwood Pentium 4 2.4ghz 533FSB. In AIDA32/Everest it shows I have two CPUs, and the second one is disabled. In Pcmark04 it shows that HyperThreading is available but disabled. Is there any way to soft-mod the CPU to enable HT?
my bios has Hyper-Threading Enabled (as an option). I think that Intel put HT on all Northwood B core cpus, but only enabled it on the 3.06ghz model, but im trying to find a way to make it work on my one.


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Hum if it's enabled in the bios I don't see how it is gona happen unless you try updating bios or buying a newer P4 CPU.


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I'm pretty sure I loaded *nix on a Compaq/HP server for a customer that was a 2.8 P4 HT back in January. I don't recall seeing HT on any 2.4's I've worked with, but I thought I saw a thread somewhere that was about 2.4 HT's though.


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ya. it's the P4 2.4C 800mhz bus w/ HT. it's what i'm using. but i don't think the 533 bus has HT.

edit: yep, confirmed it. go HERE. Intel P4 1.3-2.8Ghz, 400mhz and 533mhz FSB = no HT. sorry dude. ya want HT, gotta get a new processor. though the 2.4C isn't that expensive anymore, and it's great for OC'ing. mine's running at 3Ghz very stable.
i know that it doesnt officially have HT. Why im asking is because it seems to have the foundations laid for it (that why it comes up as 2 cpus in PCmark04 or Everest), even though it is not workable. Sort of like softmodding a x800 pro > x800 xt to get 4 more pipes, because they are there, just not working or enabled.


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I too wwould like to unlock HT on my 2.8 northwood

HT is detected as supported but is not enaabled..

I use setfsb to OC it and notice there is a custom pll you can modify..

I'm sure there is a way to enable HT somewhere in there.. But i dont know what i'm doing with it.. So i'm not gonna try =D

I've tried d/ling custom pll's in the past and that only fawked things up...:mad:
Yeah..... i was thinkin the same thing. it's just weird when you see a subscribed thread pop up that you don't remember posting in. That's when you KNOW it's an oldie.

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