Unlock all TF2 Acheivements Instantly

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achievement_unlock TF_GET_TURRETKILLS
achievement_unlock TF_KILL_NEMESIS
achievement_unlock TF_GET_HEALED_BYENEMY
achievement_unlock TF_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDSONLY
achievement_unlock TF_WIN_MULTIPLEGAMES
achievement_unlock TF_GET_MULTIPLEKILLS
achievement_unlock TF_WIN_2FORT_NOENEMYCAPS
achievement_unlock TF_WIN_WELL_MINIMUMTIME
achievement_unlock TF_WIN_HYDRO_NOENEMYCAPS
achievement_unlock TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYCLASS
achievement_unlock TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYMAP
achievement_unlock TF_GET_HEALPOINTS
achievement_unlock TF_GET_HEADSHOTS ACHIEVED
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_TOP_SCOREBOARD
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_UNDER_FIRE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SIMUL_CHARGE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SETUP_CHARGE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_RAPID_CHARGE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_COUNTER_CHARGE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SWITCH_TO_MEDIC
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SAVE_TEAMMATE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_BLOCKER
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_MEDIC
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_SYRINGE_SCOUTS
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_MEDICS
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_LONG
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SCOUT
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_PYRO
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_DEMOMAN
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SOLDIER
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ENGINEER
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_CAPTURER
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_CALLERS
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_VS_NEMESES
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_KILL_WHILE_CHARGED
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_NOMISSES
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_LARGE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_HUGE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_GRIND
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_KILL_HEALED_SPY
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_JUGGLE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_FRIENDS
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_INVITE_JOIN_CHARGE
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ACHIEVER
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2
achievement_unlock TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3
Save as whatever.cfg

Copy to \Steam\steamapps\[steam ID]\team fortress 2\tf\cfg

At the main screen of the game, bring down the console and type exec whatever.cfg


It's also rumored that achievement_unlock_all works too.
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It does, unfortunately :( The upside is that more people using it will end the glut of medics sooner.
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Take that whole list and just change achievement_unlock to achievement_reset.

You get to keep your stuff AND you get to earn achievements.
OH CRAP...I had my Steam up from last night and it let me. Then I restarted Steam and the update hit.

Hopefully they don't make us grind our faces off for other class achievements.


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What thing do I use to make the cfg?

What thing do I use to make a cfg?

What program do I use to make the cfg?


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Well could be worse, could have accidentally reset every single one of them and had to get all those damn headshots again!
I take it that you still have your achievements from before and now have to legitimately achieve stuff? Or are you locked with all the achievements you have earned?

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I am locked at 100% :(
Maybe Valve will look into it and reset anyone who has 100% already -at least the medic package.

I did get like 7 or so on my own but they were fairly easy to get.
They reset my medic package, but not my wife's. I guess it's random, although she had ALREADY earned some medic achievements legitimately before because she plays medic a lot more. She's 56/56.


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A friend of mine sent me the ZIP file below (SCANNED for VIRUS!! STATUS CLEAN)

Unzip Content

Run TF2
Alt tab back to your desktop

Run the exe

Go back into TF2

And watch the Acheivements pop up.

After its done restart TF2. and BAM!!!! Your done

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