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UNKNOWN partition after format

I hope u guys can help,

My friends got 3 hard drives, one on FAT32 where windows is installed, other 2 are NTFS. After a format windows wont recognize one of the partitions/hard drives it says partition uknown. SO if u know of any programs that can access data from that partition or how to fix the problem if possible pls help. Thx in advance :)


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How about booting into Knoppix (Linux distro) and seeign what you can find from there? At least to verify it exists?

You did say after "format" - is that what you meant? Because if you formatted HD then all partition data is lost anyway, no?


does the partition show up in my computer? If so if it has nothing on the partition try formatting it.
well like I said he has 3 hdds, one is FAT32 windows is on that one, other 2 are NTFS and one of them can be recognized, the otherone is marked as UNKNOWN partition.

After format yes, he formated FAT32 one, where windows is installed.
Unless he formatted the 2nd ntfs drive by mistake the data is still there and you should be able to connect the drive to another computer and make a copy regardless of what is hosed with your buddies setup. Try putting the HD in another comp and making a backup before messing with anything.

Did he have the NTFS drive passworded? If so he might have lost the keys when he reformatted his Windows drive. That is a very bad thing. I don't think you can get the daat back if keys are lost.

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